Welcome to the world of Ali&James. 

It all started with an idea to bring wine into the day time.  Wine is beautiful, but lacks the sessionability of other beverages because of its high alcohol. The problem was adding soda water to wine in a classic spritz helps, but compromises the flavour. Justin and Chris set out to make a classic wine spritz better. Adding a splash of real fruit juice, that compliments the wines natural notes, and carbonation to gain that refurnishing spritz. The Ali&James was born!

We believe that the simple pleasures in life should be just that simple. We believe that it is in the simple moments our lives unfold and we experience some of our fondest memories. We believe that good food and good wine often accompany and are the catalyst for these moments. We believe that simple should not require compromising on taste. We are committed to providing amazing wines to compliment these moments.